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Please support our next fundraier.  Saturday, January 11 at Fishtails, 3355 NE 33rd Street, Fort Lauderdale

We are a 5103c Organization.

All of your donations are tax deductible.

Make checks payable to 100+ Animal Rescue, Inc.

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Please contact us via email or phone for all food donations or to send a large package


More than anything, we need funds to continue our rescue mission. Every dog we save can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to bring back to health. For this reason, we don't schedule our next rescue until we have saved enough to ensure that we can follow through with the dogs we bring out of the hell hole they are living in. So please, consider giving what you can to help the suffering animals, who are so deserving of our compassion and love. You can donate via PayPal or send a check to the address at left. We are not beyond begging to help these precious souls. We can't do it alone - but there's power in numbers!


Please consider opening your heart and your home to one of our adoptable dogs. They come in all shapes, sizes and personalities, and they are all wonderful in their own way! No dog is more grateful than one who has been rescued. (Our adopters often say that their dogs are the ones who rescued them in the end.) To check out our available dogs, click here. And when you are ready to meet one, call Amy at 561-860-3783 to arrange a meet and greet. You can also fill out an Adoption Application here.


As much as we would love more people to step up and adopt, we also feel strongly that adoption is a decision to be made with care. Know the type of dog you need (big or small, energetic or mellow, child-friendly or cat-friendly) for the lifestyle that you want to live during the lifetime of the dog. Remind yourself that cute little puppies can become rambunctious teenagers that turn into full-grown dogs. They may chew a few shoes along the way, and will need consistent exercise, discipline and affection. Understand that there will be vet bills and illnesses, and your dog will one day get old and need special care. This is a commitment for the life of the dog, no matter what happens to you - or to him or her - during that time.


Networking our dogs is crucial to our mission! We can't plan our next rescue until we've made room for the new dogs we will bring back. So please, follow us on Facebook and share the posts about our adoptable dogs. Tell your friends and family about us, and encourage them to spread the word, too. You never know who is ready to step up and adopt today!


If you're not ready to adopt, perhaps you would consider being a foster parent for one of our dogs. After all they've been through, these dogs don't deserve to live in a cage, but that's often our only option... unless a kind soul offers to take them home as a foster pet. Fostering is also a great idea if you want to do a trial run before committing to adoption... some of our favorite adopters were "foster failures"! If you would like to foster, or simply inquire about what is involved, call Amy at 561-860-3783. Or click here to complete a Foster Application.


Most of our dogs are boarded at Imperial Point Animal Hospital, which means they are in cages for much of their days. They are in desperate need of human interaction! If you are willing to give up some of your personal time to shower them with love and attention, even if it's just for a short while, you can volunteer as a dog walker. Call Amy at 561-860-3783 for details.


For supporters who would like to contribute food and other items to help the dogs, we maintain a Wish List on Amazon.com. To make things easy, the items you select will be shipped directly to us. Anything you can send our way is greatly appreciated by us and especially by the dogs!


Next time you pass a stray or injured dog, don't tell yourself that someone else will help and drive on. Don't convince yourself that the dog will find its way home. Stop and help! Yes, it may be an inconvenience. You might have to change your plans at the moment, or at least delay them. But wouldn't you rather be slightly inconvenienced than find out that dog was killed by a speeding car or worse? If you capture the dog but can't foster it at your home, feel free to bring it directly to Imperial Point Animal Hospital and then call Amy at 561-860-3783. We will do whatever we can to help.


Be an advocate against animal cruelty, whether it comes in the form of dog fighting, puppy mills, tethering, physical abuse or owner neglect. Support the causes, sign the petitions, lobby for more stringent laws, speak out against breed discrimination, and share the realities with friends and family. Being an advocate isn't for everyone, but those who do it find great reward in the impact they can have. Remember, they cannot speak for themselves - we must be their voices of protection!


More than 3 million pets are euthanized in the U.S. every year. Many are put in gas chambers where they suffer slow and agonizing deaths, turning on each other in desperation in their final minutes. Millions more sit in shelter and rescue kennels, unwanted and unloved sometimes for years at a time. Even more wander the streets as strays. Don't add to the problem by risking pregnancy/impregnation. Don't believe the myths about spayed females getting 'fat' or neutered males being less 'vibrant' or losing their personalities. Click here to read the facts. And please, PLEASE, resist the temptation to become a 'backyard breeder,' no matter how cute the puppies might be or how confident you are that you can place them in good homes. Be a responsible pet owner by spaying/neutering your pets. There really is no excuse to do otherwise.